BYU's Title IX Office is committed to sponsoring and conducting events and campaigns that effectively promote the awareness and prevention of sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault/sexual violence, and stalking. Additionally, we aim to make the campus community aware of risk reduction methods and positive options for bystander intervention where any of these behaviors occur.

Our events, campaigns, and trainings reflect variety. They include in-person trainings—such as trainings during New Student Orientation, passive poster and banner campaigns—such as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and prevention and awareness events that call for active participation by students and the members of the campus community—such as Voices of Courage and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Our events, campaigns, and trainings are tasteful, sensitive, and consistent with our campus values, and in keeping with legal guidance to be culturally relevant, inclusive of diverse communities and identities, sustainable, responsive to community needs, and informed by research or assessed for value, effectiveness, or outcome.” 34 C.F.R. § 668.46 (a)(i)(A).

Fall 2018 Events

Join the Title IX Office for an evening of discussion and learning about consent and safe dating practices.  Consent is part of everything we do, especially in dating and marriage, and it's important to be informed on this topic.  The workshop will be fun, interactive, and leave you empowered with knowledge about consent.  As a bonus, free pizza will be served!Below is a list of events. 

Just Ask - A Candid Look at Consent



Thanks to everyone who came to our Healthy Relationships conference on February 16th, 2018!  We had a great turnout and we're so grateful to our awesome speakers and panelists.  Here are links to some of the presentations. 

Leading the Way to a Strong Relationship by Dr. Larry Nelson

Addressing Unhealthy Patterns in Relationships: Recognizing Deception and Control by Dr. Jason Whiting