Here you'll find the latest and most interesting news stories and information related to Title IX both nationally and at BYU.

BYU Title IX News

KSL News: BYU Turns to Social Media to Help Combat Sexual Abuse

Good4Utah: BYU Instagram "Story" Highlights Important Resources for Sex Assault Victims

SL Tribune: BYU Students Don't Know What They Should Do About Sexual Assault. So the School is Trying Instagram Stories.

KUTV2 News: BYU Reaches to Students Via Instagram to Reverse Sexual Assault Communication Failures

BYU Devotional: Applying Agency, Accountability, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ to Sexual Assault

BYU Magazine: You Are Not Alone

"Can I Kiss You?" - Talking About Consent

Results of the Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault

A National Expert’s Take on BYU’s Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Assault

NCAA Inclusivity Leader Meets with BYU Students and Staff

Update on University’s Progress in Eliminating Sexual Assault

Report of the Advisory Council on Campus Response to Sexual Assault

Culture Can Make Healing Difficult for LDS Sexual Assault Survivors

National Title IX News

Office for Civil Rights Withdraws Guidance on Sexual Violence and Issues Q&A on Campus Sexual Misconduct

U. of Rochester’s President Resigns as Report Supports Handling of Harassment Case

How an Army of Survivors Toppled a President

Student Accuses College of Retaliation Over His Complaint of Professor’s Sexual Misconduct

Students With Disabilities Are Largely Ignored by Colleges’ Assault Prevention, Study Finds