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Please note parts of the online training describe situations where Sexual Misconduct is occurring and include detailed definitions of Sexual Misconduct behaviors. If you need support during or after the training, please contact any of the following resources.

Department Training

If you are interested in having the Title IX Office train your department or employees, give us a call at (801) 422-8692. We are happy to do in-person trainings and tailor them to any specific needs you may have!

Training Presentations

Responsible Employee Training--updated Aug 2021
Responsible Employee Training--Students (Jeopardy)--updated Aug 2021
Student-Athlete Training (Jeopardy)--updated Aug 2021
Student-Athlete Training—updated Aug 2021
Student Training—updated Aug 2021
Student Training (Jeopardy)—updated Sep 2021

Grievance Administrator Training

Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedures (Title IX)—Advisor Training
Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedures (Title IX)—Decision Maker Training
Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedures (Non-Title IX Sexual Violence)—Decision Maker Training